A vicious spike trap has had to be removed from a mountain bike trail in Delamere Forest .

Seven pointed posts were jammed into the earth after a jump on the route.

The Forestry Commission said they were ‘appalled’ and confirmed they have now dismantled the trap to make it safe for riders.

Thankfully bikers had managed to steer clear of the posts before they were taken away.

It is not known if it was a deliberate act of sabotage or a badly judged prank.

A Forestry Commission spokesman said: “We are appalled that anyone would do this in Delamere Forest and are grateful that no-one has been hurt.

“We removed the spikes as soon as we were told about them and if anyone has any information about who may have done this we would like them to contact the police by calling 101.”

Initially Twelve50 Bikes shop in Frodsham had posted a photo of the sabotaged trail to their Facebook page.

In a matter of days it was shared more than 3,000 times.

Delamere Forest

Delamere is a haven for both beginner and advanced bike riders with a ‘myriad’ of routes to explore in the 970-hectare forest.

Twelve50 Bikes owner Rick Minshull said he had not expected the post to be shared so widely.

He said: “We use the forest regularly and haven’t seen anything of that nature before.

“Thankfully it’s an isolated incident and the FC were able to remove it quickly.”

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