RED faced motorists are facing long queues following roadworks at Tarvin roundabout.

Cheshire County Council started work on a £600,000 restructuring and strengthening work on the A54 Holme Street at Tarvin last Monday.

Since then traffic lights at the roundabout have left long queues in every direction. The county council is now set to close an alternative route into Chester for more roadworks on Monday causing greater frustration and delays for commuting motorists.

A ten week scheme on the Ford Bridge on Guy Lane in Waverton means that motorists cannot cut through to Chester through Waverton and on to A41. It will also mean motorists who usually use that route will have to join queues at the Tarvin roundabout. The £115,000 scheme is for the bridge to undergo repair work after an accident and for new traffic lights to be installed.

Motorist Lesley Fuller from Duddon, who was left queuing at the Tarvin roundabout for nearly an hour this week, said: “I understand that roads have wear and tear, but how can people justify the roadworks on the A51 at Tarvin roundabout for three months.

“It is causing a huge delays on a busy work route for many people in Duddon, Tarporley and the surrounding areas.

“Now they have decided to close the alternative route, the Gowy Bridge for ten weeks, this seems totally ludicrous.”

A Cheshire County Council spokesman said: “The works on the bridge are due to start on Monday. By that time the works at the Tarvin roundabout should have moved back by 300 metres, which means the route through the roundabout should be eased.”

County Councillor Eleanor Johnson said of the A54 works: “The county council apologises for any traffic delays, but it is extremely important that this essential road maintenance project is carried out.”