An independent Chester-based fish company has been recognised within Greenpeace’s 2015 Tuna League campaign as a definite #JustTuna brand, in acknowledgement of its continued commitment to 100% pole and line caught tuna.

The Reel Fish Co, based in Ashton Hayes, is one of only two independent brands to be credited within the annual report, which offers a guide to the best and worst tuna brands and aims to create a compelling consumer message under the #JustTuna hashtag.

Supermarkets and brands are ranked on their use of sustainable fishing methods and employment of workers who are treated humanely and free from human rights abuses.


Bryn Scadeng, co-founder of The Reel Fish Co, said: “Greenpeace’s annual Tuna League is the result of 12 months in-depth research and as such, is hotly anticipated by retailers and consumers alike.

“We are tremendously honoured to be mentioned within this body of work and to be formally recognised as a #JustTuna brand.

“The Reel Fish Co’s ‘fish for future generations’ mantra has never been more relevant and we will continue on our mission to produce sustainably caught pole and line tuna which benefits the local community in which it was sourced.”

Greenpeace said The Reel Fish Co deserved 'a huge hat tip for their continued commitment to sustainability…sourcing 100% pole and line caught tuna,' adding that it should 'keep up the good work'.

The Reel Fish Co was established in 2010 and is run by four former employees of a leading canned seafood brand.

It is the only mainstream tuna brand to use Greenpeace’s preferred ‘coastal state model’ – whereby the fish is processed in the country where it is caught, thus benefiting the local community.

The Reel Fish Co’s skipjack tuna products are available in brine, spring water and sunflower oil and are sold through Waitrose.

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