THREE MONTHS after announcing plans to establish its first overseas base at Malmo in Sweden, Arena Instrumentation has revealed plans to open offices in neighbouring Denmark.

Managing director David Dawe confirmed the decision from his office at the firm’s Ellesmere Port headquarters.

The company is Britain’s largest independent calibration and maintenance service provider.

Mr Dawe said the new opportunity had been identified by the Arena team tasked with setting up the Swedish operation, which is headed up by Lucy Robertshaw, the emerging markets relationship manager.

“After several exploratory visits to Sweden and following exhaustive on-site research it became clear to our people that there was an equally strong case for Arena to have a base in Denmark,” said Mr Dawe.

“Although we were by that stage committed to setting up an Arena base in Malmo, complete with staff including highly qualified technicians, our team’s inquiries revealed that an investment in a separate Danish base was equally viable.

“Their recommendation formed the basis of further discussions with our advisers, the UK Trade and Investment Northwest (UKTI), and as a result we have given the go-head for establishing a site in Denmark.”

Mr Dawe said the region was a promising source of new business opportunities as well as having a rich supply of potential staff among its highly qualified population.

“Furthermore, a physical presence of mainland Europe would enable them to react quickly to any further opportunities for growth,” he added.

“Lucy Robertshaw has played a key role in developing our strategy for European growth. “And she will continue to play a central role in getting the Scandinavian bases up and running.

“Extensive market research tells us that there are a large number of Swedish businesses who could potentially become our clients.

“Our expertise in calibration, laboratory equipment maintenance, technical support and asset management will be of interest to potential clients among the pharmaceutical, R&D, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies that operate across both countries.”