WITH their delightfully scented toiletries and innovative ‘green’ thinking, Lush has certainly revolutionised the bathing experiences of many of us across the globe.

So why are Lush enthusiasts – including myself – so passionate about the lotions and potions on offer at this popular high street store?

The answer lies not only in the quality and creativity behind the luxury products on the shop floor, but also in the ethics about which Lush employees are passionate.

Lush believes in sustaining the environment and promises to ensure that all produce is 100% vegetarian and uses little or no packaging or preservatives. Indeed, in resourcefully creating solid bubble bars, shampoos, and conditioners – to name just a few – Lush has managed to dramatically reduce the need for packaging. Any wrapping or casing they do utilise is re-usable or recyclable and as an incentive for customers to recycle, for every five pots returned to a Lush store one free face mask can be redeemed as a reward.

However, the ethical thinking of Lush employees extends far beyond what we see in the store – literally. The company’s buyers travel thousands of miles across the length and breadth of the world to ensure that all ingredients are sourced from community projects, which guarantee fair trade for the workers who pick and produce the natural ingredients. We can therefore rest assured that all of the elements that go into our deliciously scented toiletries are of the highest quality, and produced in an environment that is fair for all.

As well as caring for the working conditions of their foreign co-workers, Lush holds animal welfare high up in their priorities too. The company ensure that no product is sourced from any business that conducts, commissions, or condones animal testing. Animal cruelty is perhaps one of the biggest causes of concern for Lush - they even dumped manure outside the Houses of Parliament in 2010 to express their fervent loathing of animal testing. You’ve really got to admire their fortitude.

Ultimately, the creativity and passion that goes into Lush products is what keeps customers hooked. It seems hard to believe, but each product is handmade individually in a factory and uses all fresh Ingredients. With each product comprising of ‘as-natural-as-possible’ ingredients alongside the attractive appearance and stunning scent, Lush products are pretty hard for other retailers to compete against. Thus, Lush continues to remain the world’s favourite environmentally friendly toiletry store.

Now as you know some of the background information on Lush’s ethics, feel free to watch my video review of Lush products, in which I analyse some of the beautifully scented toiletries in detail helping you to find the product that’s right for you.

Laura Taylor is a creative beauty writer from Cheshire who has the blog   www.lovelaurax.com