A fire which broke out in a family home in Winsford was caused by a head torch which exploded while it was being charged.

The living room filled with smoke after the explosion, which ignited the carpet and sent shards of hot metal flying through the air.

Thankfully the John Street resident and her partner, who do not wish to be named, were in the house at the time on Thursday (February 1) so they were able to put the fire out and call 999.

Warning others of the dangers of leaving electronic items on charge, she said: “I would say to anyone never to leave anything charging, especially when you are not with it.

“This could have happened to anyone and I’m just thankful that we are only having to replace a carpet and not an entire home.”

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service is urging people not to leave devices on charge unattended for long periods, to only use the charger supplied with the device and to purchase your gadgets from a reputable supplier.

Group manager Mike Anderson said: “We are increasingly seeing fires involving chargers for phones and e-cigarettes and want to warn people that charging any device needs to be done with caution.

“Although this occupant was quick off the mark, they were also alerted thanks to working smoke alarms activating in the property.”