A high school in Ellesmere  Port says it discourages unhealthy packed lunches as a  government adviser suggested they be banned.

The report promoted the  idea that school pupils  should be banned from taking packed lunches in schools  because of the likelihood that  they would contain too much  sugar, salt and additives in  popular items such as crisps,  fizzy drinks and chocolate.

Ruth Chisholm, business  manager at Ellesmere Port  Catholic High School, said:  “We manage our own catering and our team, judged one  of the best in Cheshire in recent years, produce an excellent choice and meet the national nutritional guidelines.

“Our students all eat in the  school dining room at lunch  time either having a  school  dinner or their own packed  lunch. In this way, not only  are students enjoying eating  with friends but we can also  be aware of the content of  packed lunches.

“For some years we have  taught pupils about the importance of a balanced diet  and about the problems that  processed foods and snacks  with high salt and sugar content can cause for learners.

“We strongly discourage items like crisps and fizzy drinks in the advice that we  share with parents about packed lunches.”