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Pupils set sail for a pirate adventure

Avast! Eccleston Primary School pupils dress up as pirates.

Class 1 all aboard the pirate ship

Eccleston Primary School did a topic on pirates, mermaids and the sea and, to conclude it, all the children dressed as pirates and went on to the school field pretending it was a desert island.

The children looked for food and amazingly found nests of chicken eggs and bananas growing from the trees.

Led by Paul Cousins as Pirate Black Hair, dad Tim Misson and a few of the mums, they collected twigs and logs and helped build a real fire.

The children then hunted for treasure which was buried all over the island and counted 102 gold coins at the end of the morning.


They all worked together to build a pirate ship from our blocks and a few pieces of drift wood provided by the school builders who were on site. The ship had to be big enough for the whole class to fit into so they could all sail off to get their lunch.

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