It’s your last day on Earth.

You choose not to spend it in the world’s most glamorous, fast-paced metropolises but in the historic walled city of Chester.

Here’s our run down of must-dos in Chester if you need some help deciding what to do with yourself.

We haven’t got them all so if you can think of anything let us know in the comments section below.

1. Have a selfie taken with the UK’s second most photographed timepiece, the Eastgate clock.

2. Put your walking shoes on and take a two-mile round trip on the city walls.

3. Celebrate Christmas Roman-style with the Deva Vitrix legion’s Saturnalia.

4. Shoot a Welsh person spotted within the aforementioned walls with a bow and arrow (NB this may lead to arrest and imprisonment and your defence will have to rely on an ancient bylaw)

5. Tie a love-lock to the Queen’s Park suspension bridge - although there is every possibility that the council will remove it as a health and safety hazard.

Only one or two 'love locks' remain at the suspension bridge in Chester

6. Buy a chocolate in Thornton’s, Eastgate Street, on Valentine’s Day and see if Sarah the ghost has wreaked vengeance on the lover who jilted her at the altar.

7. It only happens once every five years but you can brush up on your Bible with the Chester Mystery Plays.

The Crucifixion in the Chester Mystery Plays 2013
The Crucifixion in the Chester Mystery Plays 2013

8. If it is summer time, take in a spot of Shakespeare at the temporary Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre.

9. View the city from the heights of Chester Cathedral new tower tour.

10. Put a tenner on a sure winner at the city’s racecourse, known as the Roodee, which has been around since King Henry VIII’s time.

11. Run up and down the wishing steps to the city walls and all your dreams will come true.

12 Listen to a live band at The Groves bandstand one sunny afternoon.

13. Take a trip down the River Dee on a sunny in a showboat, a rowing boat or a pedalo.

The River Dee in Chester

14. Celebrate in pagan style with the annual summer and winter Watch Parades.

The Victorian cooks in the first Winter Watch parade in Chester 2014

15. Brush up on your Latin (dexter and sinistra will do) and march around the city centre with a Roman soldier shouting “Sin, Sin, Sin, Dex, Sin”.

16. Run the Chester Half Marathon or double up and take on the Chester Marathon challenge.

17. Save your pennies for some top nosh at the Chester Grosvenor’s Michelin-starred restaurant.

Grosvenor chef Simon Radley

18. Have a pint in a pub which is almost 1,000 years old

19. Taste a UK top ten burger at Hickory’s while watching the river roll by.

20. Find someone to explain the extra letters in this pub's sign.

The Marlbororough Arms in St John Street
The Marlbororough Arms in St John Street

21. Take a peek at the Duke of Westminster's pad at Eaton Hall on one of the four open days each year.

22. Roll out of one of the city's two nightclubs in the early hours.