If you love a good musical, the you can't miss the latest offering from Tip Top Productions.

This is My Musical at the Forum Studio Theatre is a feast of entertainment from the West End and Broadway.

A compilation of old favourites and the latest hits, the show opens with Jellicle Cats in rehearsal for opening night.

There is no story - this is just one blockbuster hit after another - but the talented young people who presented the piece keep you entertained throughout. Lesser beings may have found it a little more difficult.

I'm just an old fashioned girl so my favourites were firmly embedded in the 20th century (and to be honest there were some shows and songs I had never heard of) but the highest standard of song and dance kept me rapt.

It was virtually impossible to spot a particular star in the glistening galaxy of talent but Rob Lyon was an absolute character. From My Fair Lady to the Book of Mormon he was more than just a showman. So much so that I shall now have to act on the advice of many of my friends and book a ticket for the latter in the West End (or shall I do Broadway?)

The girl ensemble was fabulous but Laura Roberts, who didn't actually have a solo, could turn her hand to anything.

If it's rock or gospel that lights your fire you will love Natalie Brett's rousing finish to Somebody to Love from We Will Rock You and Dani Fray's In Short from the musical Edges is hilarious.

The choreography, by Phil Cross, Dani Fray and Rhian Underwood, was exquisite, and the ensemble work was fantastic - you will love every minute.

To make your summer in the city this year, catch This is My Musical until Saturday, August 15. Tickets range from £7-11 from www.chestertheatre.co.uk or through the box office on 01224 341296.