A comedy inspired by real experiences of conflict in Columbia will be performed at the University of Chester’s Kingsway Campus this month.

Ceniza (Ashes), was conceived and is performed by Lucho Guzman. It won the 2015 Creation Grant from the Colombian Ministry of Culture and was featured in the Iberoamerican International Theatre Festival of the same year.

A lone soldier takes refuge in an abandoned big-top.

While the battle rages on outside, he opens the clown’s suitcase and finds himself being drawn into the world of the circus.

Lucho Guzman brings his considerable talent as a clown in this feast of absurd and macabre comedy.

Ceniza is presented as part of Lucho’s week-long residency at Edge Hill University and tour of North West venues, featuring performances, clown workshops

and lecture presentations on the growing practice of social and humanitarian clown.

The performance will take place on Wednesday, January 25 at 8pm in Room CKW005.

Tickets are £10 (£5 for students).

For more information, visit www.kingswaytheatre.co.uk.