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Chester actor Tom Hughes in Ticking at Trafalgar Studios: a review of the reviews

From 2 to 5 stars, reviewers have a mixed reaction to Paul Andrew Willams' debut play

Chester actor Tom Hughes opened in the West End to mixed reviews this week in the debut play by film director Paul Andrew Williams.

Ticking tells the story of a young man, Hughes, who awaits execution in a foreign prison, charged with the murder of a prostitute.

It focuses on his final meeting with his parents, played by Niamh Cusack and Anthony Head.

We take a look at the reviews of the play and what people thought of the former Upton-by-Chester High School pupil and Jigsaw Music Theatre patron.

The Evening Standard - Henry Hitchings

The play: "satisfyingly raw and intense", "Family’s thrilling death row drama stops the clocks"

Tom Hughes: "fidgety and combative as Simon"

theartsdesk.com - Marianka Swain

The play: "a grippingly played thriller"

Tom Hughes: "brattish, entitled, resentful, cruelly selfish" "Hughes’s body jerks and strains like a fish caught on the line"

What's On Stage - Holly Williams

The play: "feels like an exercise in cynicism"

Tom Hughes: "a twitchy, volatile performances as Simon", "Hughes certainly conveys the sarcastic, entitled air of the posh modern traveller"

The Stage - Natasha Tripney

The play: "disappointing prison drama"

Tom Hughes: "Tom Hughes’ Simon mainly seems to shout his lines"

The Daily Mail - Quentin Letts

The play: "Violent and clinched... but at least it's short" "By any measure of joylessness, Ticking scores highly"

Tom Hughes: "He swears a lot and is nervy, tremulous, prone to shouting"

Time Out London - Alice Saville

The play: "grim watching - for all the wrong reasons"

Tom Hughes: "Tom Hughes gives horrid concoction Simon a kind of manic, nice-guy energy – you can almost see the halo of a lost fedora"

The Times - Ann Treneman

The play: "Absolutely riveting"

Tom Hughes: You will need to be a subscriber to The Times to find out...

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