The Wave Pictures return with a new, vinyl only album called A Season in Hull, due in February on their own label Wymeswold Records, just ahead of their appearance at Telford’s Warehouse in Chester on Friday, February 27.

The album was recorded on acoustic guitars in one room, with a bunch of their friends, on singer Dave Tattersall’s birthday, January 28, 2015.

The songs were written as quickly as possible and the recording captures that specific moment in all its spontaneous, thrilling and immediate glory.

As Tattersall elaborates: “That’s what this is – a one-microphone happy birthday recording.”

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Speaking about the first single Slick Black River From the Rain, Tattersall said: “I am crazy about E Minor, specifically on the guitar. There are three main ways that you can play it on an electric guitar: open; barred on the 7th fret; or barred on the 12th fret.

“On an acoustic guitar you usually just have the first two options. The 7th fret version is just the right colour for me. I write more songs in this key and in this position than in all the other keys put together.

Last year The Wave Pictures (Jonny Helm, Dave Tattersall and Franic Rozycki) released Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon, their critically acclaimed collaboration with Billy Childish.

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They cemented their reputation as one of Britain’s most beloved and exciting live bands around with a sold out gig at London’s legendary 100 Club, their biggest headline show to date at The Tufnell Park Dome and a performance headlining the Garden Stage at The Green Man Festival.

Entry to their Chester gig is free before 10pm, £4 thereafter. Call 01244 390 090 or visit