There be pirates heading for Telford’s Warehouse in Chester on Friday, September 19.

International Talk Like A Pirate Day began in 1995 by a bunch of scallywags across the pond. It gained worldwide status seven years later after columnist and author Dave Barry picked up on the idea of spending the whole day speaking in pirate slang.

Telford’s have taken the whole idea very seriously. Last year saw Mark Radcliffe and his band perform to a full ship of pirates, wenches and lads and lasses dressed in full seafaring regalia.

This year the Tower Wharf venue expects even more and have press ganged The Wee Bag Band into putting on a show of traditional shanties and ceilidh jigs.

The Wee Bag Band consist of five musicians: Paul Bassom, Rory McGough, Steve Owen, Julian Anderson and Alan Colinson.

Paul and Rory met in back in 1993 and as both of them have a keen interest in music they soon hit it off.

Problem was that at that time Rory was based in Denbigh while Paul was based in London. In 1998 Paul moved up to Denbigh allowing them more time to develop their musical style.

Since 2001 they have been playing in pubs and clubs in and around North Wales. Wanting to create a more dynamic sound Alan joined in 2003.

With the introduction of Jim the Flute early in 2007 followed by Jules the Fiddle later that year and more recently Steve the bass, the band were often seen out and about.

Entry is free before 9pm, £4 thereafter. Call 01244 390 090 or visit .