A hugely popular Chester tapas bar has expanded to Manchester.

Porta in Altrincham shares the same name and menu as its sister restaurant in Northgate Street.

Owners and brothers Joe and Ben Wright also run the Joseph Benjamin bistro next door.

Their exciting new venture opens today (November 17).

Chester tapas bar Porta

Ben told our sister paper the M.E.N: “We’re not a fancy restaurant with fancy plates and tables.

“The whole vibe is no bookings, no reservations, just being true to the ethos of what a tapas bar is about - informal and fun.

“The drinks list is very much the same ethos as the food: nothing too fancy, just good value, interesting stuff that’s been carefully chosen.

“We’ve spent a lot of time here since July getting to know everybody and what’s really nice is it’s similar to what we have in Chester, where there’s a real community spirit.”

Chester tapas bar Porta has expanded to Altrincham

At their new site, they have stripped back a former gift shop to reveal bags of character and the decor creates a welcoming atmosphere.

The restaurant seats around 50 people inside, with space for more on the terrace.

Joe and Ben expressed their desire to ‘grab the bull by the horns’ and expand their business in January.

They had come ‘painfully close’ to sealing the deal for a spot before then in Oldham Street, Manchester, but it had fallen through.

For more information about Porta, visit www.portatapas.co.uk .