There's one in every family.

THERE'S trouble - and plenty of laughter - in paradise when a lonely Hawaiian girl named Lilo wishes upon a falling star for a friend and the galaxy's most mischievous alien answers her call in Disney's delightful new animated comedy, Lilo & Stitch .

And thanks to our chums at the Odeon Multiplex, Brombrough, Wirral, we have five pairs of tickets to give away to five lucky winners to see it.

Combining unforgettable characters, an imaginative story, and wonderful, colourful animation (including the Studio's first major use of watercolour backgrounds in a feature in six decades), the film follows Lilo's close encounter with Stitch, an out-of-control genetic experiment who has escaped from an alien planet and crash-landed on Earth.

Stitch is bullet-proof, fireproof, super strong, is smarter than a supercomputer and ferociously hostile. Armed with a real appetite for destruction all he wants to do is smash, bash and devastate.

But he is marooned on the peaceful island with his creator in hot pursuit. So he decides to lay low.

But through an unwavering belief in `ohana (the Hawaiian concept for family), Lilo helps to tame Stitch's more hostile impulses and soon the confused little monster begins to like his new family.

With its lush tropical settings, sassy sense of humour, and rockin' Elvis Presley soundtrack, Lilo & Stitch takes moviegoers on an entertaining excursion across an animated universe.

For your chance to win a pair of tickets to see it, simply answer the following question:

This competition has now closed, the answer was: What is the name of the heroine in Disney's Beauty and the Beast?

b) Belle

Congratulations to our winners:

Alison Armstrong
Glenn Crowley
Ian Pennington
Julie Jones
Jamie Briggs

Winners will be personally notified.

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