WATCH The Reader and Revolutionary Road and you soon realise that Kate Winslet had every right to lose it big time at the Golden Globes.

This magnificent actress has been nominated for awards a ridiculous number of times considering her still young age but has lost out again and again.

To pick up two in one night was bound to be overwhelming.

And she deserves them all. This is a stunning if rather miserable piece of film-making from her husband Sam Mendes who reunites her with Titanic co-star Leonardo DiCaprio but for something that is defiantly anti-romantic.

Set in the stifling 50s, it shows us a marriage between two ordinary people in a crisis caused by nothing more dramatic than disappointment.

She is a housewife and he is a mindless office worker and both see themselves on a treadmill that leads directly to middle and then old age.

A desperate plan to move the family to Paris seems to offer hope of escape - but life throws them a simple, mundane but ultimately devastating curve which could destroy all their dreams for good.



DECENT British chiller about a woman who sees herself driving a car just minutes before she is involved in a road accident.

When she wakes up in hospital, reality seems to have become distorted and she is convinced her double is somehow pursuing her.

Director Sean Ellis quite deliberately sets an ice-cold tone which makes it difficult to identify with the characters, despite a skilful central performance from the under-rated Lena Headey.

But he is not above resorting to a few cheap shocks to keep genre fans happy.