Left wing comedian Mark Thomas brings his one man show to Chester later this month telling the real life story of how one of his best friends turned out to be spying on him for an arms manufacturer.

Mark, best known for his Channel 4 series The Mark Thomas Comedy Product, is performing ‘Cuckooed’ at 7.30pm on Tuesday November 18 in Chester Town Hall.

‘Cuckooed’ is derived from the expression a ‘cuckoo in the nest’, meaning any person or thing found where it doesn’t belong.

Mark told The Chronicle: “People should come and see this show because they will not have seen a show like it. I’m interested in making shows that other people don’t make. I want them to be different. Cuckooed is different for sure, it is part stand up, part theatre part journalism. It’s funny, provocative, emotional and on the money.

“I am also very proud of the fact that the show won the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award in Edinburgh this year. If you are going to win awards that is the one to win not some Bulmers best knob gag prize.

“It is the story of an activist friend who I worked in Campaign Against Arms Trade with for years and was close to, who turned out to be spying on behalf of BAE Systems. Now, before people start thinking out far-fetched stories and conspiracy theories let me quickly say BAE Systems have admitted to spying on Campaign Against Arms Trade in court and have signed a legal undertaking not to do it again. This is not conspiracy theory this is just a conspiracy. If you don’t believe they happen check out Hillsborough.

“In the making of the show I went and interviewed friends who I worked with at the time and were close to the spy, and I use those interviews in the show.”

Mark also thanked the “town hall people” for rescheduling his show which was originally due to take place as part of the Essar Chester Literature Festival. Mark has not confirmed the rumour that he had a problem with the festival being sponsored by an oil company.

He concluded: “The thing I remember about my last visit to Chester was going into the Oxfam shop to look at the books and seeing shelves of second hand biographies of Tory politicians. Never seen that many in one place. With a memory like that how could I not look forward to coming to Chester.”

Tickets, priced £15, can be booked by phone: 0845 241 7868 (10% surcharge) or in person at Chester Visitor Information Centre.