Having gained critical acclaim on the world’s stages and being turned into a star-studded movie by Roman Polanski, the play God of Carnage is coming to Chester.

Yasmina Reza’s compelling drama will be presented by Tip Top Productions from March 19-22 at the Forum Studio Theatre.

Two married couples, Alain and Annette and Michel and Veronique, meet to sort out a vicious playground fight between their two 11-year-old sons, hoping for a civilised meeting.

The hell that breaks out is sleekly funny because not only do the two couples go at each other, they also switch sides.

Each character in the play has an identifiable stamp -- Alain is a lawyer - think shark; Veronique an art lover - think over-privileged meddler; Michel has a wholesale business - think uncultured businessman; and Annette is in wealth management - think what

you will.

Playing one married couple are two newcomers to Tip Top, Anna Morris (Annette) and Julian Eyre (Alain), both of whom are active members of Chester Musicals and Guilden Sutton Players in Chester.

Tip Top regulars Simon Phillips (Michel) and Sally Dillon (Veronique) are cast as the other couple.

To book tickets, visit  www.chestertheatre.co.uk, or call 01244 341296 Monday-Saturday 10am-1pm.