Riding Lights Theatre Company is touring its new Passion Play, Inheritance , weaving the strands of the biblical Passion into a dramatic new narrative, exploring in particular some of Jesus’ encounters with women in the gospels.

Inheritance evokes the community where Jesus lived, the people who knew him best, the powers that brought him to execution.

And in the shadow of the cross it casts light on some of the women who Jesus stands alongside, sharing in their suffering.

Inheritance will be performed on Sunday, March 16 at 6.30pm at Hoylake Chapel in Station Road, Hoylake. Call 0151 6786201. Tickets £5.

On a dusty road leading to Jerusalem, a woman stumbles towards her judgement. Just weeks later, Jesus will take the same road, leading to the cross.

Iin Capernaum, the town they both call home, they are rejected. In the temple where they worship they are condemned.

The synagogue leader plots to destroy them both.

Inheritance is more than a play to be performed for an audience, it is also a communal experience of theatre and worship.

The performance is structured to ensure that the audience has the time and opportunity to reflect on Christ’s Passion and, finally, to make their own response at the foot of the Cross.

The narrative at the heart of Inheritance was commissioned by Margaret Sentamu and Jane Williams for performance at the 2008 Lambeth Conference, where it opened the plenary session for bishops and their spouses.

The development of the piece and the tour are being supported by Margaret Sentamu, who shares Riding Lights Theatre Company’s vision for bringing this Passion Play to a broad and diverse audience in 2014

Since 1977, Riding Lights Theatre Company has provided vibrant professional theatre for York and far beyond, taking live theatre to a wide range of communities.

Last summer the company was one of the three partners producing the award winning York Mystery Plays 2012, bringing biblical drama on an epic scale to an audience of more than 30,000.

Riding Lights has a well established track record of creating powerful drama in a wide variety of settings, including theatres, cathedrals and parish churches.

Inheritance is touring to churches, cathedrals and community centres across the UK.

Visit www.ridinglights.org/inheritance for more details.