Chalice Productions and The Boaty Theatre Company return to the National Waterways Museum as part of the Ellesmere Port Arts Festival this April.

These two specially commissioned plays explore a number of themes ranging from beliefs (and organised belief systems), to faith and morality, identity and out and out psychological terror.

Fate (Burdens) by Ben Murray is an upbeat exploration on the idea and existence of angels who must monitor their charges; certain chosen and gifted humans.

But when one angel becomes a little too obsessed with his charge and there is a sudden surge of disobedience and dissension in the angel ranks, chaos is sure to follow.

Forget Me Not by Laura J Harris explores the issues of identity and morality, death, loss and the repression of grief via a thrilling psychological and emotional rollercoaster reminiscent of plays such as Woman In Black.

The two plays will run back to back at the National Waterways Museum between April 10-13.

Tickets are available from the National Waterways Museum reception or via 0151 355 5017 and are priced at £5 adults and £3 concessions per play or £8 adults and £6 concessions for both plays.

Due to the short run, ticket numbers are limited and are expected to be in demand following the success of The Boaty Theatre Company and Chalice Productions' holiday collaboration on A Christmas Carol Canal as well as previous performances of Much Ado About Nothing and the steampunk adaption of The Tempest .

Director Laura J Harris said: “Although the company in this incarnation may seem new, the spirit of Chalice and the sense of camaraderie and creative development that it embodies has been pulling myself and the group of incredibly talented actors, writers, designers and technicians together for a long time now.

“Audiences may have previously experienced some of our work at The National Waterways Museum with The Boaty Theatre Company and I hope that we continue to capture the imagination of these loyal supporters as well as tempting new audiences to dip their toes in the water and join us in bringing great stories to life!

“We also hope to continue working with the Canal and River Trust for a long time to come and we are always looking for people to support us and get involved in our energetic and immersive performance projects.

“Therefore, I would encourage anyone who has an interest in any aspect of performance-based or theatrical work to get in touch!"

Chalice Productions is part of Chalice Media Limited and champions new works developed by new writers and new talent in the North West and they are always on the lookout for interesting new people and projects.

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