Two artists have joined forces to host an exhibition of their work.

Sculptor Andy Longmuir and photographer and artist Elise Weir present Going On at Funky  Aardvark on Bridge Street Row East in Chester. 

Andy is a sculptor working in multi-medium, mostly steel and wood, and is well known for his bespoke style, creating unique one-off items, which appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

He is often inspired by conversations and peoples’ personal desires in artwork, helping him to create unusual and original pieces.

Elise is a French photographer established in Chester.

She said: “I have spent much of life travelling the world and my camera has always been my loyal companion.”

In this exhibition she presents a series of photographs documenting an abandoned railway station at the border between Spain and France.


Her artistic vision reflects not only the beauty of the place but also brings a reflection on our environment and society.

Funky Aardvark is a creative centre situated in Chester’s historic rows. Its aim is to provide access to high street sales space for makers, a welcoming gallery with exhibition space open to all, educational yet fun classes and a central networking hub for artists.

Aardvark offers artists support with both creative mentoring and business skills seminars. Its on-site studios house attic artists who are central to the day to day running of the centre  in exchange for studio facilities.

Going On runs from Monday, June 16 for two weeks.