YOUNG kickboxers will learn from the best in the world when they follow Chester's top fighter to Thailand.

Former world champion Dave Newbrook will fly out to Koh Samui to train for his world title eliminator at the Northgate Arena.

He will be accompanied by John MacNamara, from Christleton High School, and Danny 'Boy' Parker, from Blacon High, to give the two 16-year-olds a taste of the top flight.

Dave, who trains the fight-ers at Heavy Hitters Gym, said: 'This is a great opportunity for these two to gain experience and the dream would be to see them fighting in the Olympics in London in 2012, when it could be an Olympic sport.

'Whether this becomes a reality or not I don't know, but they will certainly benefit from training with the best in the world in the home of the sport.'

The duo have been selected for the junior English team at the IFMA World Championships in Bangkok next August, which is only one step away from seeing Thai boxing in the Olympics.

They also fought alongside Dave in the Lords of the Ring contest at Chester Race-course in February, and have now raised the money to get to Thailand and raise their game.

They will experience the Lumpini Stadium, home of kickboxing, and be taught by several ex-champions.

Junior North West champion Danny said: 'We're hoping to gain experience and get quite a bit better - it's supposed to be the best country in the world for it.

'I want to work on stamina and get a lot fitter.'

For Dave, the four-week session will be a chance to focus on the world title after losing to Spaniard Pedro Felipe in a controversial split decision in June.

Flying out on August 16, he will spend a week at the WMC Gym in Koh Samui then three weeks at the Fair-tex Camp just outside Bangkok.

'I'll be taking each fight as it comes,' said Dave, 'but the aim is to be two-time world champ and if I can put the record straight against Pedro at the same time then all the better.'

John and Danny will also be fighting at Northgate Arena on October 22 along with Dave and some of the country's best fighters.

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