CITY of Chester Swimming Club has held its final gala of 2011.

The event was for the younger members of the competitive squads and the club’s best-performing juniors.

Invited swimmers had achieved Stage 5 upwards of the Amateur Swimming Association’s National Swim Awards.

Points won at the event and the three previous galas this year resulted in the Otters team taking the title of overall champions for 2011.

The winning team gained a total of 613 points – just one more than their nearest rivals the Sharks.

The Dolphins finished third with 607 points; the Beavers fourth with 568; the Seals fifth with 532 and the Penguins came sixth with 523 points.

In addition to gaining points for their teams, the children were timed for lengths in backstroke, breaststroke and front crawl in a bid to win ASA gold, silver and bronze speed awards.

James Sleddon Plant and Fiona Edge, both 11, had an outstanding afternoon, gaining gold-standard times in all three strokes.

Emily Veitch, Jessica Jones and Sam Hassall also gained gold times for backstroke; Martha Marbrook Vout achieved gold for breaststroke and Sam Hassall made the gold grade for front crawl.

Seven swimmers gained silver times in all three strokes – Harriet Alexander; Laura Craig; Sean Thomas; Jasmine Yeoman; Jessica Brown; Mia Loftus and Ben Taberner.