SAILING: THERE was a quiet start to the Chester Sailing and Canoeing Club meet on Sunday, but the wind gradually increased during the first race.

At the massed start, the boats were crowded at the start line and the RS200, helmed by Sally Haslewood and crew Peter Hadfield, were pushed out in the rush and had to restart.

Phil Snewin, in a Laser, developed a large lead, aided now by the increasing wind, but not sufficiently strong for the RS200 to close the gap.

Steve Harrison and crew Kate Whitehead, sailing the unstable but fast Hornet, went over but survived to complete the race. The boats surfed at speed on the down-river run with John Prior and crew in an Enterprise doing well.

The final placing was Snewin first from Prior and Edwards, in a Comet, third.

In the second race, the incoming tide added to the complications. Several competitors were caught by the tide and sheltered conditions around one of the buoys, and they had to complete a 360-degree turn after drifting back on to the buoy.

By mid-race, Snewin had developed a half-lap lead which the pursuing RS200 closed but was not able to catch. Further back in the fleet, Roberts, in a Laser, was engaged in a duel with the GP, sailed by Harrison. The GP lost ground as a result of having to complete a 360-degree turn. The final placing was first Snewin, second Hadfield and third Prior.