HALF the horsepower and half the age - and he still beats half of them.

Rhys Goodhall, of Thornleigh Drive, Little Sutton, may be five but he still packs a punch on his motorbike, whizzing round circuits against children who are eight or nine.

In competitions he regularly wins trophies for coming in the top 10 and dad Paul is hoping for big things in the future.

He said: 'He is already up there. Realistically the minimum age is six-and-a-half but the clubs know him and know he's good enough.

'They're big motocross tracks and can be 14 laps for a race, so for a kid his size to complete even one of those laps jumping and wheely-ing is amazing.

'The next two years are learning years. He can move up from seven to 14 horsepower when he's seven, and that's when he'll be club champion.'

Rhys, a pupil at John Street Community Primary School, goes riding every weekend and races every fortnight all over the country, in Stoke, London, Wales and Southport. He was inspired by his uncle Lee Jones, who is a big name on the supermoto circuit, a mixture of motocross and road racing.