JOHN Jones is hoping for a lucky 13th appearance at the Isle of Man Manx Grand Prix after topping a podium on the same circuit.

John, 58, from Middlewich Street, Crewe, won the 500 Pre-TT Classic Support Race at the Centennial Isle of Man TT Races earlier this month.

Now he is brimming with confidence for what will be his 13th and final showing at the Manx races, from August 13.

He said: 'It was a great feeling to get on that podium because I've never done it before. I've been to the TT five or six times before, but my best finish was previously eighth. This year's will be my 13th time at the Manx. I have 11 finishers trophies and I'm hoping to do well again.

He added: 'I love racing on the roads because you get a better sense of the speed you are doing.'

John's super victory was achieved aboard a classic 500cc G50 Seeley Matchless. He has been racing since 1973, and used to compete on grass tracks and scrambling bikes before moving up to major circuit and road races.