MARTIAL ARTS: TWO members of Elton Tae Kwon-do club have achieved their blackbelt grading.

Dan Usher and Joseph Handley, both from Elton, secured their first Dan belts after taking part in a grading examination.

They travelled to the national headquarters of the TAGB (Tae kwon-do Association of Great Britain) in Bristol, where they had to demonstrate all the skills they have learnt over the past four years.

The black belt grading comprised of sparring, patterns, floor techniques and a theory test on the history of the art.

Instructor Jason Rodd, who also passed his 3rd Dan grading on the day, was delighted for his young protegees and said: 'I took Elton TKD over from their old instructor in January 2005, and was very keen to get them through this important grading.

'They both performed to a very high standard and I am proud to say that we all achieved our new grades.'

Anyone wanting information about joining Elton Tkd should contact Jason on 07795 27 33 62 or Visit the website on