RUNCORN Wrestling Academy's latest show saw the crowning of a new heavyweight champion and a guest appearance from the school's founder.

In the title contest, 'The Beast' Hannibal Ramseed managed to overcome every trick in the book holder Sean Phoenix had to throw at him.

Meanwhile, RWA founder and ex-roster member, Andrew Baker, forced to quit RWA in March after defeat in a 'Loser Leaves RWA' match to Phoenix, made an unexpected appear ance.

This was during the main event but on delivering a steel chair shot to Phoenix, Baker found himself ejected from the building by RWA owner Neil Davis.

Also, the semi-finals of the key-to-the-title tournament were decided: Angel D'Souza v DJ King, FMP v Greg 'The Hatchett' Hammond.

Next bill is the RWA Summer Showdown at Grangeway Community Centre in Runcorn on Saturday, July 21.

Tickets are on sale from the venue every Saturday between 11am and 3.30pm.