I’D love to send a message to Tom Hicks and George Gillett as they throw their hand in. However, you wouldn’t expect to read what I’d really like to say in the ECHO.

But let’s have a toned-down go.

Thank God you two money-mad impostors have given up and gone back to wherever you came from.

You conned everyone into believing you were sincere and had the interests of Liverpool Football Club and us fans at heart. But you heaped massive debts upon us and proved you did not care a toss for anything other than making as much money out of us as you could.

You thought we were fools. But you reckoned without every supporter at Anfield and beyond who cared where you didn’t.

You proved your greed by refusing to give up even when the judge in London stripped you of your ownership and sold us to decent Americans who have since shown you how you should have behaved.

Now you’ve run out of time and money chasing a pathetic appeal which you were never going to get off the ground, let alone win.

That’s why, like every Liverpool supporter, no one is feeling the least bit sorry for you two as you skulk away for good from us now.

We’re not sorry to see the back of you for one second – but we are all sorry we met you in the first place.