KOPITE Paul Feeney put footy rivalry aside to help Marouane Fellaini when the Everton star broke down outside his house.

Paul was sitting down for his tea earlier this month when he was interrupted by a knock at the door from the Belgian midfielder who was on his way to the airport when he suffered a puncture outside his house in Broad Green.

Once he got over his surprise, Feeney, a “proud and outspoken” Red, cast footballing differences aside and organised transport for Fellaini while also allowing the player to keep his car on the family’s driveway while he went abroad.

Detailing the encounter in his blog, Marouane and Me, he expressed his relief that the car was untouched and when Blues midfielder Fellaini returned from his trip a few days later to pick up the car, he brought an Everton shirt for Feeney’s Bluenose brother and promised him match tickets.