IN A pulsating Wirral Sunday Amateur Cup final, two Houlihans Birkenhead Sunday League sides Wood-church and Parkview produced a cup tie to remember.

Woodchurch went into a two-goal lead, only for Parkview to level the score. Woodchurch went ahead again and Parkview equalised to take the tie into extra time.

Parkview then went two goals ahead, only for Woodchurch to draw level and take the game into a penalty shoot-out, and it was Parkview who proved the penalty kings, winning 4-1.

The Veronica Conway semi-final tie was won by Warwick, who defeated Rock Ferry Social 6-1.

On the league front, goals from Lee Eason and Steve Platt gave Dock a 2-1 vic-tory over AFC Bromborough.

In Division One, FC Beehive (G Owens, P Jones) won 2-1 against Parkside and Rangers Breaks (D Royalute) also drew 1-1 with Royal Sun Alliance.

In the Youth division, five goals from Sam Bailey and one from Steve O'Brien gave Halton a 6-3 victory over Ashville Colts.

RESULTS Wirral District Football ssociation Sunday Amateur Cup final: Parkview 4 Woodchurch 1 (aet and penalties).

Veronica Conway Premier Cup semi-final: Warwick 6 (Edwards 2, Jebb, Whittaker, Scholls, Smith) Rock Ferry Social 1.

Premier Division: AFC Bromborough 1 Dock 2 (Platt, Eason); Brow 0 Queens Park 2; FC Prenton3 (Hunter, Bradner, Camden) Hoylake FC 1; Shaftesbury 1886 1 (Cullen) Heygarth FC 0.

Division One: FC Beehive 2 (Owens, Jones) Parkside 1; Oxton Ath 1 (Cavanagh) Houlihans Variety Club 1; Rangers Breaks 1 (Royalute) Royal Sun Alliance 1. Division Two: Cavendish 2 (Gayton, Farrell) Beechwood 3.

Division Three: Bidston Hill 1 (Allen) Birkenhead Youth 11; KSeal Glass 0 Bidston Hotel 6; Queens Arms 2 (Burton, Price) Woodhey Ath 0; Wirral Liberals 2 (East) Ma Wrights 1 (Griffiths); Yard Athletic 2 Wirral Facias 15.

Youth Division: Ashville Colts 3 (Anderson 1 Igoe) Halton Youth 6 (Bailey 5, O'Brien); Heswall Youth 1 (Morrison) Ashville Youth 2; Shaftesbury Youth 1 Vauxhall Motors Youth 3 (Sharp 2, Hill); Shore Villa 3 (Ithel, Houston, Hesketh) Heygarth Utd Yth 1 (Iddon); Vauxhall Motors Colts 4 (Cartor, Smith, Milne, Charles) Castrol Youth 0.

Midweek Results April 6 Premier Division: Dock 6 (Platt 2, Saunders 2, Wood, og) Brow 0.

Division One: Shaftesbury 02 4 (Lynch 3, Campbell) Houlihans Variety Club 1.

Division Two: Woodchurch 6 (Quirk, Hudson 5) Sandbrook FC 0.

Division Three: B'head Youth 3 (Courtney, Cox, O'Shea) KSeal Glass 3 (Watson, Stapleton, Bencheikh); Wirral Liberals 1 Bidston Hill 1. Youth Division: Heswall Youth 2 (Watson, Morrison) Shore Villa 2; Heygarth Utd Youth 1 (Holman) Vauxhall Motors Youth 1.