PEOPLE talk about Kenny Dalglish being the greatest Liverpool footballer of all time. He probably is. But you know what, he is the greatest man who has ever played for Liverpool Football Club.

There is no shadow of a doubt about that. To be involved with him was just a huge honour. He was brilliant to play for.

He had such a calming influence over everyone at the club. He was just The King. He was a true man. The humility he shows constantly on a daily basis to everyone was overwhelming. When I say ‘everyone’, I don’t just mean the players. I mean all the employees of the club.

The impression you get of him on the television, defensive and monosyllabic, is the exact opposite of what he is like when the camera is turned off.

Before the Carling Cup final, the manager showed us a short film that illustrated what Wembley meant to Liverpool and what it meant to the club being back there.

I sat there watching Shankly talking and Kenny scoring that magnificent winner against Bruges in the 1978 European Cup final.

And I thought about all my years of growing up and wanting to be part of this club. When the film ended, there were tears in my eyes.

For someone like me, you don’t get much better than playing for Liverpool under Kenny Dalglish.

When Kenny was fired a few months after bringing Liverpool their first trophy for six years, I knew for sure it was time to go.