FOR nearly 20 years there was only the Moss Farm Seven-a-Side League. Then along came the Seddon Street Six-a-Siders, followed by a similar competition at Woodford Lodge and in September Mid Cheshire will have a new small-sided football league.

Sir John Deane's College, North-wich, will host a six-a-side competition with matches played on a Sunday evening.

The league is organised by Tam-worth based, the largest nationwide organisers of small-sided football, and they claim the first professionally run competition of its type in the town will be a major boost to both local footballers and clubs who wish to train competitively away from the normal matches. General Manager Tim Stafford said: 'We run leagues right across the country and some teams come from amateur clubs, but the majority are simply made up of work colleagues, pub teams, or groups of friends.

'This means that the standard can be varied but we will be providing different divisions so everybody is given the opportunity to play a competitive game of football once a week with the chance of winning prizes.'

As well as trophies for the champions and runners-up of each division, there will be player of the season awards. Successful teams will go forward to regional and then national competitions.

Trial games to assess the standard of teams will be held on September 17. New teams will also receive a free kit and free football when they register for the league.

Anyone wishing further information can call 0870 62 0645 or visit