IT was good to hear that Kenny Dalglish was satisfied with the talks he had with Mike Riley at Melwood this week.

The whole idea of having a referees’ boss is so that there’s someone managers can approach to discuss their concerns.

I think we are all frequently baffled by the interpretation of the laws of the game.

What is a penalty? What’s not a penalty? There’s a lot of inconsistency.

Riley isn’t the man out there making decisions but he knows what referees are told to look out for and I’m sure he was able to put Kenny straight on a few things.

I understood Kenny’s frustration after the defeat at Stoke. He has been very diplomatic in his approach since he returned to the job and hasn’t blamed officials.

But after what happened at Stoke he obviously decided it was time to speak out.

You are always going to have controversial decisions in matches but hopefully they won’t impact on the result again to the extent they did at Stoke.