Q: Keith: What is your current view on whether Moyes will stay.

A: I think it depends on a few different things. If EFC got fourth I think he’d stay. Likewise winning a trophy may be more likely to sway him, as would the prospect of being able to compete in the top end of the transfer market. If none of those things pass I think it’s more likely he’ll leave.

Q: Bluenose: Greg, Do you subscribe to the players being tired against Utd or did they do us tactically with the heavy pitch impacting us too?

A: Bit of both but more the later. The impact of Jelavic’s loss of form together with Heitinga’s struggles and Coleman injury has been damaging.

Q Bluey: Additionally, why does Moyes seem to lack confidence in, say, Duffy when it’s clear that Heitinga is struggling and being exposed by individual mistakes isn’t going to help him?

A: Moyes has said that he views central defence as a position in which he’s least inclined to test youth/inexperience, so he’s persisted with Heitinga because he is a very experienced player despite his complete lack of form.

Q: Blue TT: Do you know when Coleman will be back?

A: About a fortnight.

Q: Sean: I remember reading that Jelavic and Mirallas don’t like each other..is that the reason for Jelavic’s terrible form?

A: It’s rubbish. That was based on an unfounded rumour. Not true.

Q: Stevo1950: Do u think are great club will ever be sold?

A: I honestly don’t know. It depends on so many imponderables

: Ryan: I believe the Fer and Negedo ‘bids’ were phantom bids and purely to keep the fans on side. Do you really believe we made bids for these two players?

A: Yes, RE Fer a bid was made and accepted by Twente. RE Negredo. Talks were started after an initial contact, then a bid which was below what Sevilla wanted.

Q: Riley:Is Ross Barkley back at Finch Farm? Is he actually any good or just another over hyped English footballer?

A: He’ll be back at Finch Farm today. He has lots of natural ability.