NICE to see a new face in John Stones, even if it is for the future. But I would have liked to have seen an instant impact player.

I’m surprised to see all this money Everton has for a change, £8m, £9m, etc.

This means we need to bring in a few players in the summer and not wait until the last minute, especially if Fellaini goes.


WE’VE got the chance to achieve something here and put the club on a much better footing on and off the pitch if we can qualify for Champions League.

I think we look a bit leggy at the moment and we can’t possibly hope our first 11 will stay fit because it’s just not going to happen.

I agree with the club for trying to protect itself in the Leroy Fer deal and well done for the way they acted, but it was imperative that if we want to sustain a push for Champions League and FA Cup that we added some players to freshen the squad up and give us options when Plan A isn’t working.


LEROY FER – no club in their right mind would go ahead with such a deal... especially a sensibly run club without huge funds to waste on hugely overpriced failures.


ONCE again our club have let the manager down, we are on the verge of Champions League football and all we get is a player for the future.

All we needed was two experienced players and the Champions League was assured.


WE won’t make the Champions League without adding more goals to our team.


WELCOME to our great club John Stones, you now need to get your head down and work hard and listen to the wisdom of our great boss – he will guide you like he has done to some great professionals and soon you will be Everton’s and England’s first choice right-back.


THE well wishes for our new acquisition are all well and good but mask the real problem we now face.

I understand welcoming the new lad with open arms and all that, but the real issue here is the lack of new recruits for the here and the now.

Why start our transfer activity this week knowing the window shuts on Thursday ?

As ever no plan B in place and another missed opportunity to add to the long list of missed opportunities.

We will miss out on that fourth spot. Who wants to start praying for a miracle as the stronger teams around us, Spurs and the Gunners, have strengthened for the NOW not for the future.

It wouldn’t surprise me if David Moyes does walk come the summer and it’s all down to our board and their lack of leadership and more importantly ambition.

Here’s to stumbling across the line to fourth, but I certainly wont be holding my breath after this week’s poor showing on backing up the boss.


WE were cruising at 2-0 against West Brom – then we give away our customary soft goal and we are all nervous wrecks for the rest of the game!