Chester FC Youth team has been undergoing professional fitness testing as part of players' development process.

Cartwright Fitness has teamed up with the club to measure and monitor the fitness of the young Blues, who are riding high in the North West Youth Alliance.

Players underwent a wide range of tests and the results will be made available for comparison with those of senior professionals, giving coaches and players an understanding of the levels needed to reach the top.

Colin Carwright, director of Cartwright Fitness, said: "We undertook a series of physiological and performance test to benchmark the overall fitness of the players against future testing for the youth squad and to measure this against the data from players they will aspire to be like, i.e professionals.

"Tests were field based and covered aerobic fitness, sprint agility and speed as well as flexibility, body composition and hydration measurement ensuring the squad are covering the physiological elements required for hard training and matches."

Cartwright Fitness are the exclusive UK distributors of the cutting-edge BodyMetrix ultrasound body composition device and provide testing in sports including running, kayaking and rowing

Based in Chester, the firm offers health and wellness products through