Opposing managers Steve Burr and Lee Sinnott were in agreement over the penalty that wasn't in the Chester FC and Altrincham FA Cup tie.

Chester players and fans were outraged when referee Richard Wigglesworth ruled Jon Worsnop had fouled Simon Richman in the 67th minute and pointed to the spot.

Worsnop appeared to have made clean contact with the ball and the goalkeeper was incredulous at the decision - and video footage has confirmed that to be the case.

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Following a signal from his assistant, Doncaster-based official Wigglesworth overturned the penalty award and restarted the game with a drop ball to Chester.

The incident had no bearing on the outcome of the game, which finished 1-0 to the Robins , but did provide a post-game talking point.

And both managers agreed it was the correct call to reverse the decision and refreshing to see a referee willing to admit he made a mistake.

Burr said: "To be fair to the referee, I asked Jon Worsnop afterwards and he said the referee said he'd made a mistake, and it's nice to see that.

"Even Lee Sinnott looked at me and was shaking his head because you could see Jon clearly got the ball.

"That was a bit of luck that we did have and it's pleasing to see a referee who made a mistake and was willing to change his decision."

Steve Burr gives some instructions to Ryan Higgins in the FA Cup defeat
Steve Burr gives some instructions to Ryan Higgins in the FA Cup defeat

Altrincham boss Sinnott confirmed he did not believe it was a penalty in the first place.

He said: "As soon as it was given, Steve Burr was up in arms about it on the Chester bench, and I can't say I blame him. I said to him straightaway it wasn't a penalty. You could tell from the way the ball came out so fast that the keeper had got a solid contact on it.

"It depends what your integrity levels are like. I could shout and bawl and complain about it until the cows come home, but was the right decision arrived at? Yes, I would say it was.

"But, what I mean about integrity is, shouldn't the restart have been different? It was a 50-50 challenge, with the ball sliding out towards the touchline off the keeper, so logically it should have been a drop-ball there. Instead, the ball was given to their keeper on the edge of his area.

Altrincham manager Lee Sinnott
Altrincham manager Lee Sinnott

"Was that the right way to restart it? I'm not sure it was. But, on the penalty, it was the right decision in the end. Perhaps you could say it was a brave decision, certainly a correct one, so I would commend him for that.

"I can't get into the referee's mind, so I can't really comment on what made him change it. He made a bad decision and had players milling round him, but that doesn't necessarily mean he wouldn't have altered the decision anyway.

"We just don't know, but when the incident happened, he should have taken himself away and thought about it for a couple of seconds before reaching a conclusion."