Michael Wilde, Greg Stones and Mike Aspin are the first ex-Chester FC players to join the club’s revamped Former Players Association.

This follows a change in the organisation’s constitution, which now allows former players of the reformed club like goalscoring hero Wilde to become members.

Previously, only players who had appeared for Chester City were eligible.

To reflect the change, the FPA has launched a new website.

It can be found at the same web address as its predecessor, www.formerchesterplayers.com.

The new site, designed by Steve Mansley, gives greater prominence to news stories and has easier navigation.

It includes a full list of FPA members, details of social activities and an obituaries section.

The site also features a new logo, designed by Martin Huxley, which links the badges of the two football clubs on a blue background, preserving the memory and tradition of the original club alongside the contemporary style of the reformed club.

FPA chairman Grenville Millington said: “We’re delighted to have Wildey, Greg and Michael on board.

“They all played a big part in keeping football alive in the city.

“We are looking forward to many more new members joining us, now that the change has gone through.”