Not since the summer has there been such an air of optimism among the Chester FC fan base.

Sure, one swallow doesn't make a summer, and despite the fact the Blues have ended their long, winless home run, they remain in the relegation places going into this Saturday's trip to Eastleigh.

But you'll forgive us if this week's view from the stands is unashamedly upbeat.

We asked our fans' jury what they have made of new manager Marcus Bignot's first week in charge.

And here's what they had to say...

Andy Davies

"I think I can safely speak for everybody when saying it's been a nice, enjoyable week for a change! There was a lot to like about last Saturday's performance and you could see that Bignot has been very quick to try and stamp his mark on us.

"It was nice to see us positive, trying to take the game to an opposition for a change, with an easy on the eye style of play. He clearly made some tweaks after doing his homework on us, such as allowing our full-backs to get forward and changing Lucas Dawson's role in the team.

Tom Shaw took charge of three games after Jon McCarthy's sacking

"I do think Tom Shaw deserves a mention after his short caretaker spell. After ditching the negative and highly restrictive tactics from the previous era, I think we saw some improved performances that didn't result in a points return they deserved. I think he set the wheels in motion for this improvement and perhaps reinstated some belief into the players' minds. The Dover result was cruel and frustrating at the time, but I think everybody will learn from it. As a side note, it was great to see Tom back on the pitch, he's undoubtedly got some unfinished business out there.

"One final mention on Bignot. Despite a lot of attention I think he's surprisingly managed to keep a low profile since his arrival. His interviews with the media have been short and sweet; he looks a man determined to get on with his job."

Phil Dilley

"What a first week under Marcus Bignot it has been! There was a very different atmosphere at the Deva for the Maidenhead game, with the crowd clearly lifted from the Slough of Despond we were in as the Jon McCarthy reign broke down. It was easily the best home performance of the year and a long overdue win to send the fans home happy.

"What was the difference though? The players on the pitch were largely the same so it has to be confidence. There was much more confidence in the way the players approached the game and this fed into the confidence of the fans. Sadly, McCarthy had lost the respect of the crowd, if not all of the players. Bignot starts with a clean slate and will have that respect. The early goal helped a lot; it would have been interesting to see how we would have responded had we conceded early.

Marcus Bignot on the sidelines during the win over Maidenhead United

"It is just one game, though, so it is important to keep expectations in check. Let's not forget that McCarthy won three of his first four games. We need three or four more of these performances to get back on the pace. Only then can we see what this squad with a different manager can achieve.

"Most importantly it feels like there is a positive attitude both in the manner of the play and the approach of the fans. If this continues and entertaining football is served up regularly, then hopefully we will see the gates return to 2,000+."

Alex Bullions

"I am very happy with Marcus' first week as boss. Attending Saturday's match, it was clear to see the changes that he has initially brought to the club.

"Firstly, the positivity is universal amongst the fans. The atmosphere before kick-off was superb - banners, streamers and a great amount of singing. It was an atmosphere like none I'd seen in the last nine months. As a whole, the performance was fantastic. Not one player had a bad game and Bignot was visible on the touchline, yelling and commanding at the players; a far cry from anything we've seen for some time.

Marcus Bignot addresses the players in a post-match, on-pitch huddle on Saturday

"At the full-time whistle, Bignot gathered the players in front of the Harry Mac into a huddle, and was commanding each and every one of them. He has the mentality of a winner and I still firmly believe that this whole squad will be transformed into winners, very soon.

"I'm not getting carried away, but we turned over an in-form Maidenhead, after going without a home win in more than nine months. That's huge and I believe that we'll see even more of this come Saturday."

Ian Saxby

"Although it's still early days and I am rather easily pleased, but I must say, I have been very impressed with Marcus Bignot and the impact he has had on the team. The guy clearly wanted the job and in the media interviews following his appointment, has made all the right noises. After the rather haunted appearance of his predecessor, Marcus oozes self-confidence and has the uncanny knack of actually looking like a football manager.

"The players have clearly responded to this, because what we witnessed on Saturday was nothing short of revelatory: we were a team transformed beyond most fans' expectations. From numbers 1 to 11, everyone had a good game and all seemed to play without fear. The team looked well set-up: potent going forward, solid at the back and a balanced midfield offering a bit of creativity.

The smiles say it all as the players leave the pitch on Saturday

"We seemed to create more decent chances in the first 45 minutes than in all the previous home games combined and should have been at least 3-0 up at the interval. At half-time I was expeting us to revert to type and play defensively, eventually grinding out a backs-to-the-wall 1-1 draw, but no, amazingly the attacking, inventive play continued.

"Yes, I know, Maidenhead were a bit limited and didn't offer much going forward, but we were superb and never allowed them to dictate play. It was an absolute joy to see an overlapping Chester full-back causing carnage in the opposite box and for me, Lathaniel Rowe-Turner was man of the match, closely followed by James Akintunde. By allowing LRT the freedom to cross the half-way line, he looks a completely different player: he's strong, direct and with decent pace.

Ross Hannah celebrates after settling the contest on Saturday

"The only disappointment on Saturday was the size of the crowd. I understand fans have stayed away in recent times because of the paucity of attacking football on offer, but we look a team changed beyond recognition and the old Chester swagger was back.

"Bignot hasn't put a foot wrong so far and if this improvement continues I’m sure supporters will return in their droves."

Ian Wilson

"Marcus Bignot seems to have been a breath of fresh air around the Deva since his arrival last week, but at the same time as I wouldn't have been castigating him if we hadn't have got the result on Saturday, I won’t be singing his praises just yet. I felt it was essential that we got off to a positive start and I'm made-up for Marcus and for the fans that we finally achieved that elusive first home win of 2017. It gives the manager and players a platform to go on, build confidence and look to a positive season ahead of us.

"I like Marcus' swagger. He's brought a confidence to the place that was desperately needed. But of course that only gets you so far and needs to be backed up with results.

Marcus Bignot during his first game in charge

"So the initial signs are good and the players and fans have responded. Of course the first real test of any manager is how he responds when he hits his first sticky patch. I'm hoping it's with the same level of confidence, honesty and a desire to work hard to get things back on track.

"Great start Marcus! COYB."

Adam Cain

"Marcus Bignot's first week in charge heralded a significant improvement in form. It is clear that the players demonstrated a real desire to compete and there was a great deal of quality on show, which belied the Blues' lowly position in the table.

"Whilst this home victory was clearly welcome and long overdue, one needs to ask where that level of performance has come from as a number of the matchday squad had clearly been failing to realise their potential during the first two months of the season.

The Harry Mac welcomes new boss Marcus Bignot before Saturday's game

"I think it is imperative that Bignot continues taking the club on an upwards trajectory, and the key benefit that he has added in his first week is the degree of positivity that he exudes. If there is an opportunity to start well and take the initiative, the new management team clearly want this squad of players to take it. Chester need to win home games to pull clear of the relegation battle that they are clearly already a significant part of this early in the season, but also to attract those wavering fans that were put off during the last few months of the McCarthy era.

"The club desperately needs this extra revenue through the turnstiles to give Marcus Bignot the additional funds to try and add some depth at the appropriate time of the season. Clearly the board need to back the new manager in January and give him what he requires to ensure National League status is preserved. I think the next three games will be a clear indication as to whether the short-term impact the new manager has made can translate into something much more tangible. I think five points would be a good return from those fixtures.

Ryan Astles is mobbed after opening the scoring early on against Maidenhead United

"I wish Marcus Bignot well at the club and hope that he is successful. He clearly seems very committed and produced a very significant change in the level of performance within a short period of time. I do feel, however, that the club missed a trick by not appointing Graham Barrow - a true legend of the club, who has demonstrated an unquestionable ability to be successful at Chester in far more challenging circumstances than this. Barrow's strong motivational and man-management abilities would have been ideal and more importantly, he would have added an additional 1,000 to the gate at a minimum.

"Clearly, however, it is time to unite around Marcus Bignot and try and ensure that we are not nervously looking over our shoulder in similar circumstances as last season. I also hope that he is able to enthuse the fans and raise the expectation levels; one needs to speculate to accumulate and unfortunately the previous manager's rhetoric about Chester being a small club did not enthuse anybody. WE ARE a big club at this level and it is about time that the club tried to start matching the expectations of our fans."

Rio Doherty

"Marcus Bignot has proved to be a success so far in a tough first week as Chester FC manager. To guide us to that elusive win at home, which has delighted supporters, was a dream start, especially considering he only met the squad a couple of days before.

"On Saturday, we probably put in our best performance all year, which was very refreshing. We played the ball on the pitch, utilised our full-backs, created some great chances and got everyone involved.. The entire team played really well, including Ross Hannah, Lathaniel Rowe-Turner, Ryan Astles and Alex Lynch to name a handful. The huddle at the end brought players and fans together and showed the closeness of the squad. It was great to see so many smiles around the stadium.

Tom Shaw chases a loose ball against Maidenhead United

"Another plus was to see Tom Shaw back on the team sheet. I think he still has something to offer and he put in a great shift. He can be a key man.

"Let's hope better things and more positive performance are to come. Our season can start here, and considering how open this league is, we can really push on. Roll on Eastleigh this Saturday, which will be the first match on the road in Bignot's era. I shall be making the long trip south and can't wait to see how we play under the new manager. COYB!"