THE return of John Danby is the perfect example of Chester FC’s thriving relationship with the city’s business community.

That is the verdict of Steve Ashton after it was revealed the deal to bring the goalkeeper back to the Exacta Stadium was facilitated by a local businessman.

The businessman, who wishes to remain anonymous but is a long-serving Blues supporter, has known Danby for a number of years and has offered him part-time employment to supplement the money he earns from football.

Chester director Ashton said: “The club is a community club and to be successful the model requires all different parts of the community to pull together – whether that be the local authority, large companies, fans or the wider business community in general.

“This is a perfect example of a member of the business community being innovative and therefore supporting the club.”

The Blues have sealed sponsorship deals with large Chester-based companies like MBNA, Exacta and BiG Storage since reforming 15 months ago.

Ashton added: “I can understand that certain companies and individuals will have been cautious about any potential involvement given the new status of the club and, of course, the legacy of the previous regime.

“Hopefully this will no longer be the case and more businesses will be able to step forward to assist the club in its future development given the success both on and of the pitch to date.”

Companies or individuals interested in sponsoring Chester FC can contact Pat Cluskey on 01244 371376.