Jon McCarthy says he understands why Chester FC's home crowds have struggled this season and that the onus is on him and his team to get people through the door at the Lookers Vauxhall Stadium.

Chester have yet to break the 2,000 mark for a home crowd this season with 1,578 turning up for the 2-0 home win over Guiseley on Tuesday night.

And while the attendances have created some cause for concern, McCarthy understands the reasons behind it and is hopeful that some positive form on the pitch can help address the isssue.

"We just have to win games," said the Blues boss.

"We have had a start where we've had a few southern teams come here and some smaller teams so that affects attendances. We didn't have the first home game on a Saturday, we had it on a Tuesday.

"There is also a levelling off. We have been in this division now for four seasons so it has almost settled down. We haven't gone into a new league and there isn't anything new or mad exciting.

"We have to do something on the pitch to make it happen. If we win on Saturday (against Braintree) we will have won four out of six at home which is a good platform.

Jon McCarthy and Ian Sharps

"We have the FA Cup on the horizon, the Wrexham game too. If we win that then a little bit more excitement comes around."

"We have put a couple of really good shows here already, we are the sixth or seventh top scorers in the division and have a goal difference of zero, which is quite healthy.

"So there are a lot of signs that something could happen but we need to make sure things don't go the other way."

And McCarthy stressed the importance of the fans' role in helping Chester to succeed on the pitch this season and insists there is plenty to get excited about.

"I'd request the fans to come here a bit more positive, and I think they will," he said.

"We need to try and not let the nerves get to us if it doesn't start well. That's what I'll be saying to the players.

"They know what will happen if they don't go ahead early or start the game well. We just need to focus on what we do and stick to the shape, stick to the structure."

"Look at what we have got in the team. Look at the pace. We have Kane Richards, Oluwaseun Akintunde, James Alabi. Add to that Jordan Chapell and Craig Mahon. We deliberately put that in the team. That is why I brought those players in and we are always a threat in games.

"There is quite a lot to be excited about. If it all comes together we win 3-0 and 4-0."