BLACON High School pupils visited Chester FC to pay tribute to a lifelong fan and former club director.

Richard Wightman, who used a wheelchair all his life, was a guest at the school last October to discuss disability awareness with a group of Year 8 pupils.

During his assembly with the students, he spoke about his achievements in life despite being disabled.

The pupils were saddened when Richard passed away in January and decided to remember him by taking part in a football tournament at the Exacta Stadium.

Blacon High teacher Lee Cairns said: “It was a fantastic afternoon as the Year 8 pupils showed off leadership and their football skills in a football tournament which was played in a friendly manner.

“Chester FC have played a massive part in our Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) programme this year and the pupils were so pleased to have the opportunity to remember Richard who touched the whole school with his life story.”

The competition took place during one of the school’s PSHE lessons which aim to improve a child’s understanding of society as well as career and financial decisions.