JAMIE has been absolutely outstanding for me since I joined the club.

He has been a model professional on and off the pitch and has shown an unswerving commitment to our work.

We still have a lot to play for as we look to finish as high up the Premier League as possible and continue our progression in the Europa League, a competition we’d like to win. He will have a significant role to play for us between now and May and I know his commitment and dedication on the pitch will remain as it has done his entire career at Liverpool.

Jamie’s focus is always on doing what is best for the team and he has said he doesn’t want any distractions while there are still important matches to be played and won. But when the time is right we, as a team and a club, will give the man the tribute and recognition he deserves; I know the supporters will want to say thank you to someone who has served them with such distinction for so long.”