YOU know it’s a slow news week at Anfield when the major talking point – besides the usual raft of transfer tales and dubious footballer sightings – is a strip. And a third one at that.

Liverpool’s new ‘cyan’ alternative kit has caused quite a stir among supporters this week, with the merits of ‘the Reds in Blue’ debated long and hard.

Plenty of fans have voiced their disgruntlement at adidas’ latest offering, with the ECHO’s message boards ringing to the sound of disbelieving voices – “is this some kind of sick joke?” was one of the more extreme responses to the unveiling, whilst my colleague David Prentice wrote a piece yesterday claiming the club’s very identity was being trampled on by this colourful intruder.

Equally some, myself included, take a more relaxed view. As clichéd as it may sound, the important part of any football shirt is the badge on the front, rather than the trim on the sleeves – especially when said trim is far from being ‘Everton’ blue.

Still, it could be worse; it could be the manager that fans are protesting about. How Randy Lerner and Alex McLeish must wish for such trivial problems down at Aston Villa.....