GONE are the days of outside rights and playing nothing but 4-4-2.

Football in the modern era is awash with more formations than you could throw a stick at and has positions you’ve never heard of. Dossiers, ProZone and tactical report sheets are part of a manager’s arsenal these days as much as cones and a whistle.

Accordingly, the extent of football’s lexicon is growing and Brendan Rodgers has introduced some new phrases to Liverpool supporters.

His explanation of Jonjo Shelvey being deployed as “false nine” and this week’s description of Luis Suarez once playing as a “reverse winger” are two which will leave the old timers on the Kop scratching their heads.

Rodgers has also described at length, and with great detail, the many ways a seemingly straightforward 4-3-3 line-up has countless variations and nuances.

Whatever your beliefs on the way football should be played, Rodgers has certainly educated since he came to Anfield.