NO TEAM heads into the final weekend of the regular season with more uncertainty over where they'll finish in the BBL Championship table than TCS Chester Jets.

They travelled to lowly Leicester Riders last night hoping to boost their chances of a top-four finish to claim a home berth in the Play-off Championship.

But by Sunday night, Jets could find themselves in third, fourth, fifth or sixth place with a visit to London Towers on Saturday, followed by the final match of the regular season against bottom club Birmingham Bullets on Sunday (5.30).

Head coach Paul Smith is not surprised. 'I knew if anybody wouldn't get a nice easy last weekend, it would be us,' he said. 'We could finish anywhere and could play any of at least three teams in the play-offs, which makes it a bit difficult because I'd like to start thinking about that.

'We'll try not to get distracted by it and try to get our performances up each time we play now, so when we arrive at the playoffs, we're at the level we need to be at.'

Smith would need his side to win all of their remaining games to have a shot at a top-four berth and hope either Scottish Rocks or Towers drop both their remaining games.

It's a scenario he doesn't see as being likely. 'If you asked me to put money on it, I think we'll finish fifth,' he admitted. 'I fancy Scottish Rocks for third, Towers for fourth and us for fifth. I think that's the way it will go.

'I can't see Towers losing both their games this weekend, even though we fancy our chances against them.'

Jets still have a chance of home advantage in the play-offs and if they are able to secure fourth spot, it could come at the expense of the London Towers.

Indeed, there is a real possibility that this may not be the last time this season the two sides meet - either at Crystal Palace or even the Northgate.

'There is an opportunity for one team or the other to get a little psychological edge,' he said. 'Although I'm sure when the playoffs kick in, none of these other games will matter too much.'

If Towers and Jets finish level, Chester, who have all their stars close to full fitness, will get the higher placing because of their 3-0 record against the Londoners this season. If it wasn't for the battle for placings, surely a 4-0 sweep of the old boss Robbie Peers would provide enough incentive for the Jets?

'To me, people play up the rivalry between me and Robbie a little bit too much because we were together for a while. It really doesn't mean anything to me in that respect.

'Robbie is the best mate I've got in basketball. We haven't talked a lot lately because we're competing for the same spot, but I'll be catching up with him in the summer. It's London Towers, not Robbie Peers, that's the way I look at it.'