HAYDN Cook has told the Chronicle he intends to retain ownership of the Cheshire Jets name but is willing to licence it back to the club.

The Cheshire Jets name and logo now belong to the Chester businessman who saved the club in the summer before having the Cheshire franchise withdrawn from him by the BBL.

He says he hopes to apply them to an amateur team in the future but may be willing to come to an arrangement for the current club to use the name in the BBL.

But he believes that anyone looking to invest in basketball will be disappointed if they expect to make a profit from it.

“I came into the club having been told a number of things about the financial figures and they proved not to be true,” he said.

“I found it was not possible to bring in enough income to make ends meet and I would be happy to impart the lessons I have learned to anyone considering investing in basketball.

“It is a shame that I came in to try and do a good job and now I feel I am not even welcome at home games.

“I am now working on the possibility of setting up an amateur Division Four team and reducing all the costs down to their base.

“If we can make that work perhaps, when the economy recovers, we could consider a BBL team in the future.

“I believe having a professional team in Cheshire is good for the area but I do not see how the numbers add up.”