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Modern TVs are thinner, wider and provide better pictures than ever before. Why not bag a bargain and find one in the sales?

There are so many TVs on the market nowadays that it can be tricky to choose your favourite. With such a lot to choose from, however, youre sure to prefer a new digital TV to one of the older models weve been stuck with for so long.

If youre looking to beat the digital TV switchover in 2012 its important to make sure you have a digital TV that can cope.  When the analogue signal is switched off you wont have any programmes to watch if you don't have a digital TV by then. Thats why it makes sense to look around now.

Most digital TVs are flat screen models and much thinner than previous analogue TVs. Theyre also available with white, black or silver surrounds so will blend well into your home. Without all the wiring at the back of the TV to take into account, theyre also easier to clean and will always be a talking point when you have your friends over.

Modern wall-mounted TVs are a firm favourite with most people. Getting rid of your old TV stand can free up space that you can use for other things like storing the kids' toys or fitting in an extra sofa or armchair. Whats more, itll get rid of unsightly cables and make sure you dont have to clean around them any more.

When you have guests round your TV can also be used to display your holiday snaps on the big screen. Much more modern than leafing through photo albums or trying to fit six guests round a laptop while you try to explain that snap of the chimps who ran off with your wifes camera when you told her it must have been stolen by pickpockets.

Of course sports fans will be looking for the largest possible screen to watch important matches and games on and it never hurts to have the option of using your TV as a home cinema does it boys? Just make sure you buy another TV for your wife or girlfriend so she can watch her favourite programmes in peace.

If you can afford it, smaller digital TVs are great for the kitchen. Its easy to follow your favourite cookery shows whilst cooking at the same time or to make sure youre entertained while youre doing the ironing when you can mount the TV onto one of the kitchen cupboards.

And if youre looking for luxury, digital TVs are even on the market now that fit into the foot of your bed. No more having the TV cluttering up the bedroom, you can simply flick a switch and itll fold out of sight so you can relax. What could be more perfect when you want to combine a luxurious decorating scheme with everyday practicality?

There are so many TVs on the market it can be daunting to know where to start but dont despair, theres sure to be one youll love.